XXL 540tm loses GPS signals while being used

Mar 7, 2011
I recently bought this from Amazon. Today while I was using it and driving on a highway, the unit suddenly lost GPS signals. After three minutes of waiting I tapped on the GPS signal area on the screen and got into another screen. After another minute or so, the unit reacquired signals.

Has anyone experienced this problem before and what is your fix? I am kind of worried. The car was on a highway under broad daylight (cloudy). It was not under a bridge or surrounded by tall buildings. What could have caused it to loss all GPS signals all of a sudden?


Some truckers have GPS signal blockers that prevent them from being tracked by jamming the GPS band. The real bad thing about this, besides it being unethical, is that any nearby GPS receiver will be jammed until the truck driver gets out of range.

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I have the same issue, but only in one area which is close to a large prison in central Auckland. My guess is they use some sort of cellphone/gps jammer technology.
This problem appeared around 3-4 months ago and is ongoing.
Anyone have a fix?
You need a jammer dodger......


(and that's probably completely wasted on an American/Canadian audience.....)


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Since this is a GPS forum, TomTom specifically, it's not appropriate to promote/advertise devices that jam GPS signals.

I'm sure there are forums on the net for that. Just not here.
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