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Discussion in 'Maps and Routing' started by Pedro2NR, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Aug 30, 2006
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    GO 910, ONE V2, GO 920 GO 730 & iPad TT App
    I wanted to pass this information along from TomTom.com.

    If you are having one of the problems described below, it could be that there are too many files in the flash memory on your device:

    • You are unable to activate the map on your GO 910/710/510 even though you have a valid product code.
    • You have to enter the passkey every time you connect your GO 910/710/510 with your mobile phone.
    • Your settings are not saved when you turn your GO 910/710/510 on and off.
    To fix these problems, follow the instructions below to download and run the TomTom Clear Flash tool.

    Click Here
    Pedro2NR, Sep 12, 2006
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