LG VX1000 Phone Data communication with TomTom 920T

Jun 23, 2008
Sorry for this long posting, but I am having trouble setting up the communications between my cell phone and a portable GPS unit.

I have a LG VX1000 & bought a TomTom GO 920T GPS. The TomTom will BlueTooth connect to the VX1000 but will not make the GPRS wireless data connection necessary for the TomTom services, such as traffic and weather. The VX1000 has the unlimited data package w/ VERIZONWIRELESS and the TomTom does not require the phone to be set up as a modem.

During setup, the TomTom gives the message "Unable to set up your wireless data connection. Do you want to select your phone model from a list or do you wnat to set up your wireless data connection manually?" The LG VX1000 is not in the list. The TomTom manual suggets trying a similar phone. I have tried every LG?S-type of phone listed and none work. When trying the manual setup, the TomTom asks for the following:
1. Access point name:
2. Username: this is blank. I've found limited info on line saying that this should be blank, Not for VERIZON.
3. Password: this is blank. I've found limited info on line saying that this should be blank. Not for verizon.
4. "Do you want to obtain your IP address automatically (DHCP) or do you want to set up your IP address manually?" -- I don't have any info for this field, so I use the "automatic" option.
5. Dial: the default value
6. Login script: I DON?T KNOW
and then I get the error message "Unable to set up your wireless data connection. Do you want to change your settings?" If I answer "Yes" it loops back into the setup and if I answer "No" it gives the message that set was cancelled and that some features will be unavailable.

I have talked to the TomTom CSR and was basically told that my VX1000 phone is not on their list and they can't help me. I talked to a very helpful VERIZON CSR and we looked at the LG VX1000 Web Sessions settings. We did not make any changes because we did not know what changes to make.

Has anyone got the proper settings for doing the manual setup or have any other suggestions?

:confused: Thanks.


The first thing you MUST do is to contact Verizon, and have tethering enabled. Once that is done you should be able to establish a data conection, after a sucesseful pairing via bluetooth.

Thanks for the information about tethering. I talked to VZ and they said I needed to download VZ's software on to my tt 920t in order to get this service to work. Also, i would pay an additional $39.99 more a month. I am thinking about returning tt 920t because i can't get connected as I mentioned before.
Thank again for your help.

ps One good thing did come out of the conversation is, i will be receiving $200.00 from them for a mistake they made. Go figure..:D
not really true. the extra charge, is $15.00 for tethering, if you already have a data plan, if not, then yes it is going to be a total of $50.00 per month to have a data plan and tethering. The data plan besides information on the Tomtom, gives you web access on the phone. As for the software, as far as i know there is no software that you need on the Tomtom, but there could be software that you need on the phone.
LG VX1000 wireless connection with GO630

Phone: Verizon LG VX1000
TomTom: GO630

I am having the hardest time setting up my bluetooth wireless connection. Of course my phone is not one of TomToms compatable phones. I have tried everything. Not sure what to do next.
I have the entire data package with Verizon and I have even tried manually connecting and trying to enter the phones IP address, but it has letters in it and the gps doesn't accept letters for an IP address.

So basically, I cannot access bluetooth, no weather, no up to date maps without a wiresless connection!

What can i do??? Any suggestions?

Thank you! I have been at this for hours!!!




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