Which TT should I look for?

Aug 30, 2013
Hello All
My Garnim failed and I noticed my friend had a Tom Tom and I liked it so I am looking for a new one
Here is my criteria
big screen 5 inch or more
accurate voice recognition or trainable
life time maps
announces turns by street
(Not sure if this exists in a gps device but )
A camera that records the goings on in the car and outside too


- et -

Apr 24, 2011
Southern California
TomTom Model(s)
XXL 540, GO Live 1535, GO 620
There are several models that meet your criteria, except that I know of no models with a camera. The best choice would probably depend upon whether or not you desire some of the features and services that are on the higher end models, such as LIVE Traffic, weather info, etc. Be aware that after the initial period that is included in the purchase of a new device, there is an annual fee for these services.

Another potential issue - regardless of the model - is that you say that you want to buy a used device. The lifetime maps are obtained by registering the GPS to a name and e-mail address. You would have to make sure that the seller transfers the registration to you to be able to continue to receive new maps.

- Tom -

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