GO 5000 does not let you 'Find Alternative'! Should I have stayed with XL Live?

Mar 13, 2014
UK, Surrey
TomTom Model(s)
GO 5000, QL XL Live

I recently bought the GO 5000 as a replacement for my XL Live because the touch screen failed on the XL. But now I disciver that the GO route management has no "Avoid Delay', or "Find Alternative" capability, both of which have been hugely useful to me in the past.

The GO costs far more than the XL Live yet has less functionality...... I intend to return it and post an unhappy review but first thought I'd ask the Forum whether I am missing something that actually does make the GO a better buy than an XL (or a Garmin!!)?

Many thanks and this is my first post ever, anywhere, so please be gentle with me :)

Many have complained about those omissions in the application for the Go 5000 (and similar) models. One can only hope they will be returned in a future update but who knows?

Oh, welcome to TTF.
Thanks for the welcome. Not surprised that there have been complaints! I just can't see any benefit to sticking with the GO - unless these functions are no longer available on XL either. ALthough to be fair, in all other respects the GO is very nice, no complaints.
Just for info, it's only these latest GO models that are missing these features so far. Older GO models were OK.
The device automatically finds alternative when connected to the traffic servers. If you have "fastest route" chosen your GO 5000 will automatically offer alternatives while you are driving to avoid traffic. Essentially you are always given alternative routes along your journey - It's constantly monitoring real-time traffic (and road incidents) to route you around any delays.
All well and good, providing Live traffic knows about the situation you have encountered. A bridge under construction in some backwater is a problem. There's no way to "Avoid roadblock" or "Avoid part of route" as there used to be with all prior TomTom units. Some of us are not happy.

It wasn't as though the prior dev teams included those features because they had nothing else to do on a Friday. Those were USEFUL features.
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Hear, hear.
Additionally, my live unit is not all that eager to offer a new route when there are delays. I've saved uncounted minutes by "playing" with the route, i.e. avoid delay, find alternative, drive via or restart planning from scratch.
All well and good, providing Live traffic knows about the situation you have encountered.

Exactly that situation occured on my route last night...
A major road was closed for re-surfacing and the super-whoopy new GO5000 could not cope at all. Whenever I had to detour, it just kept trying to direct me back onto another section of the closed road.

On my old GO940 I could have just tapped "Avoid roadblock" and got a new route straight away.

Admit it, the new models are SERIOUSLY under-featured.
Feel free to add your complaints to magic number 6273, Andy! It would certainly be nice to know if there's a plan to deal with this issue.

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