Voice Recognition on 720 - Discussion

My next task to tackle will be how to ensure my Samsung Instinct can be used as a data modem for some of the features. It's not in the list, and I'm not sure on setting it up manually, on the TomTom 720.

I responded to your bluetooth post here to keep this thread on topic.
New 720 Owner Seeks VR!

Hi all - I am a 1 week new tomtom 720 owner and have been reading this forum in an attempt to gain VR. I have read a few different threads and it seems as though I need an "ASR" file that includes a file for each state on my 720. I can't seem to find it anywhere. I opened the tomtom folder after I docked the 720 with my laptop but the ASR folder isn't there (as far as I can see). Is there a way to upgrade to VR without the ASR file folder on my 720? Is it now called something else? Help me Obi Wans... thanks!
What application and map versions do you have?

Tap the satellite bars to see the application version and tap the version number to see the map installed and its version number.
Thanks for the quick reply.

The application version is 8.300 (9732/081030), the map is 'North_America_2GB' v710.1584
Ensure hiiden files/folders are showing and then look again for a asr folder in the root of the unit.
Good call! The ASR folder was hidden. I can see it now. I just created the support_asr.dat file with only "1" in it and saved it to my tomtom (while the file size is showing as 1KB, down below in a preview pane it's showing as 4 bytes). The grayed out VR buttons are there, but the VR doesn't seem to work. I reset the unit a few times, but no luck.

I also unhid the file extensions and it seems to be the correct DAT file with no "txt" at the end of it. I have the voice set-up as computer.

Any ideas? It would be cool to have VR.

Yes - I placed the file in the ASR folder and have it on the computer voice. Still no luck. Maybe I'll try to take some screen shots of my files for you to take a quick look and see if I didn't screw it up. Thanks again for the help.
Although your application is way higher than necessary for the map you have, the combo should still work.

Mind you, if you are sticking with the NA 710 map, you may want to downgrade to application 7.481 found on this link.

Anyway, before you do downgrade, do a manual Navigate to street/address and make sure California is selected as the state before you carry on with city, etc.

Then once that is done, try the VR again.
vr on 720

Ok guys, I purchased my first GPS this past weekend, got a new Go720,and thanks to your help as well as a little search of my own, I was able to get Voice recognition working.
I have system version# 8.351 and North_America map v835.2419 (latest map).
After I created the support file with notepad, the VR did show up on my screen but were grayed out and unusable,so here's what I did;
- I connected my G0720 to my computer via docking station and closed TomTom Home application,
- Go to start, my computer, open TomTom in DEVICES WITH REMOVABLE STORAGE
- Double click North_America maps and scroll all the way to the bottom,
- THEN I GO TO START MENU AGAIN, open my documents
- Open TomTom
- Double click Home, then double click download
- Double click complete
- Open map, then open North_America_ 2GB
- on the new screen, open North_America_ 2GB
- All the cspeech files should be there,
- with both screens viewable (minimize one of the screens), click and hold the left mouse button on the cspeech file you want and drag it over to the bottom of the Go720 page beside the last icon, (do this for as many cspeech files you want. Each file is for each state and CAN is for Canada). Since I don't travel all over the place, I only copied the CAN, and MA, so as not to take up uneeded space on my 720.
After that's done, I opened my TomTom home and properly disconected my Go720 before I removed it from the docking station.

PS- Admin, please after you verify that this works, could you compile the info, and make it a how-to sticky, so that ppl don't have to go through dozens of pages in order to get their VR to work?
Thanks for the helpful info, and I hope I didn't make this confusing.
Nuno, from Canada.
i have a 2 year old map in my new 720 so i went on tomtom website and found this...

TomTom provides you with the latest map pre-installed on your new device. On top of that, if a newer map is available within 30 days from when you start using your device, you are entitled to one free map download. You can check if there is a new map version available as many times as you like within this period.

The latest map guarantee is available on:

TomTom GO 930/730
TomTom ONE (30-Series)
TomTom XL (30-Series)
All newer TomTom devices

i dont think it covers the 720 any more...thay want $47.80 for the new map. also i have no cspeech files or map files in my documents
If your 720 is new, it should cover that model as well. What do you mean you don't have a map file? Use Explorer and look at the contents of your unit. You should be seeing a folder called either North_America or North_America_2GB. Within the folder should be the cspeechxx.dat files.
HOME's latest map guarantee rarely works on a 720. If you bought a new 720 (not refurbished), call Tomtom and fax proof of purchase. If you do this within the 30 days of ownership, they'll manually activate your free map 835.
i have no map file on my pc and the one on my 720 has no cspeech files. i downloaded the cspeech files and put in the ny file.i got the voice recognition on but it will not recognize any speech. mine isnt a recon so i will call tomtom tomorrow about the map. and it is the 710 map
No Voice Recognition with Go720 App 8.351 map 835.2419

Hello, Just wondering if any one elese has experienced this issue with voice recognition on Go720 with upgrade to most current map.

It seems like the map 835.2419 did not come with any cspeech files and in the ASR file there was no support.dat file. The previous map that I had these files were present.

I have another G720 that is running the most current app software 8.351 with map version 830.2284 and the voice recognition is working fine.

So what I did was copy the cspeech files from that Go720 to the other and also copied and pasted the support.dat file from the one Go to the other.

The spoken address and spoken address(Dialog) icons now appear. When selected it asks for the city I am in Canada so I said Toronto, it then says that input not recognized yet you see the volume level indicator rise as I speak into the GPS. I tried another city that is local to me and it came up with a city in Nova Scotia Canada? Now I tried to switch Canada to New York, and stated Buffalo but it does not recognize that either.

Any hints as to what the issue might be ????


The 835 map did come with the cspeech files....but they may NOT have been installed!!

Use Explorer to move to the location of the downloaded 835 cab file, probably here:
c:\documents and settings\yourname\my documents\TomTom\Home\Downloads\Complete\Maps\

Now, use Winrar or equivalent to extract the cspeech files from the compressed NA map folder and overwrite the ones within the NA map folder on your unit. See if that helps. (You may need a pin reset).
Almost woking?

I've copied the speech files and the files from the asr & support_asr.dat with the 1 in it all the icons are un-greyed and the voice button on the keyboard can be pressed. But the voice entry screen seems to flash on for a second and then continue to the keyboard entry? I have the latest maps and firmware, do I need to install the older 7.211 & 7.1x map versions for this to work or am I missing something else here?

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