To enable Voice Recognition on your 720 you must need the following:

  • NA Maps with voice recognition files located within. Here is an example:
  • You also need the latest Firmware installed. The minimum firmware is 7.221.
  • A text file called support_asr.dat with ONLY the number 1 in it.
    NOTE: I attached the file. Unzip it and put the file in your ASR folder on the unit.
To use Voice recognition click on the main menu and select 'Navigate to'


Then select 'Address'


You will see 2 Voice Recognition options.


The difference is that the Spoken Address(Dialog) will ask you to state city, address, etc while the other option will not verbally ask you these options.


The next page will take you to this:



If you are a new TomTom owner, your North America map should have the cspeech files. Don't forget to receive your free map update via TT HOME.

If you have North America 7.10 and they don't have the cspeech files, you can get the below.

North America 710 cspeech files

If you have your icons grayed out, follow the steps HERE for the solution.

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