Voice recognition & computer voice disabled on go630??

Jun 4, 2011
Hi there, guys.

I must be missing something somewhere... Just got a go630 from Walmart and ran all the updates etc through TomTome Home. All good there.

However, all the menu items related to computer voice or any text to speech seems to be greyed out. Including reading street names. TThome gives a message bubble that states these R not supported by my unit? However, TT site states it does do speech recognition and reads out street names...?

What am I missing here? Faulty unit? Wrong firmware?
Welcome to TTF. Find out your application by tapping the satellite bars. The latest is 8.351. If that is not the one you have, attach to Home 2 (get it here: tomtom.com/home), register your unit, and get the application update. Detach from Home PROPERLY using the Device Disconnect icon.

Next, what map have you got? (After finding the version number, tap the screen again to see the map installed and its version. The latest is 870. So, I assume that is not what you have, use Home's Tools-->Latest Map guarantee and you should be offered it (if the unit is <30 days old).

Once you get it and it's installed, make an Explorer, NOT Home backup.

Now, then, if all that is done, you should be able (in Voice Preference) to select a computer voice (Susan on that model).

Most definitely, TTS IS available on a 630.

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