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Mar 4, 2008
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I have a Xl 330 and I want to upgrade to something similar. I saw someone with a start 50tm, it got 2D view, but it's not south to north. What I want to know is with a VIA, do I get to see the map in 2D with the arrow pointing up?
With a Via 1605, under 2D/3D settings, you can choose 2D view to rotate map in direction of travel or not.
If you set to rotate the map in direction , which point North ..same with the arrow ..

then you won't know which direction you 'r going ..!
Not sure I understand what you mean....

Whenever you have the display set to "up" being the direction of travel (either in 2D or 3D) then you don't NEED to know which direction you're going do you?
You just follow the instructions and the display.
In 3D just follow the direction ...which point N ...same as the little arrow in the left bottom side "fake compass" ...

Only in 2D .. you can see which direction you are heading .
Why do you say it's a "fake compass"?
If your model has that compass needle display (some don't) then it will always point towards North, relative to the normal navigation display.

For example, if you are travelling towards the North, then that compass needle will point towards the top of the screen, but if you are travelling towards the East, then the needle will point towards the left side of the car, which is where North is.

Sorry if I'm still not fully grasping your problem!
A little arrow at the left coner ... which always points up " won't move" and useless in 3D map ...and that I call Fake compass ... !!

In 2D map yon can base on that arrow to see where you are heading , only if you DON'T rotate the map ... that was what I meant .
I don't usually have the compass showing, but whenever I have tried it out, I have not experienced your problems of "always points up" or " won't move". IT just ppoints towards the north as I described.

You'll have to explain why it is "useless in 3D map" in more detail for me to comment further on that issue.
Andy , I reffered to the little "arrow" in the bottom -left corner that "always point UP .... "North" ..again wont move .

NOT the driving direction arrow "that moving along when you drive" and base the the map , futhernore a REAL compass should give you the real direction like .. 120*SE ... or somethimg like that ...

BTW ... where is the new maps .. =:)
Andy , I reffered to the little "arrow" in the bottom -left corner that "always point UP .... "North" ..again wont move.

If you do not mean the arrow that, when tapped, toggles between 2D and 3D, please take a photo and post it with your reply.


BTW ... where is the new maps .. =:)
If you eMail TomTom and get an answer be sure to let us all know!
Are you Kidding me .... calling the svc ..!!! talking about wasting my time ..:mad:



Oh for heavens sake.... That is NOT the compass at all.
That is a CAR icon, simply to show that the left hand section of the status bar deals with things relevant the the car now, in the same way that the "chequered flag" icon on the right hand side shows that area is for things to do with the destination.

If your model and software version is able to show the compass at all, it will appear just ABOVE the status bar.

I am away from home today so cannot easily upload pictures, or check if it is available on the VIA models, but it's there on the GO940 I do have in front of me and it DOES work in 2D or 3D (pointing towards north as I drive).

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