TomTom VIA 1535 or 1505 Series -- any comments?

Apr 27, 2011
I was ready to purchase one of these model lines on Amazon but read consumer comments about buggy software, problems with map updates, etc.. These comments, though, were made about 2 months ago. Does anyone know if there have been any updates to fix these alleged bugs?

Thanks for your time!
You can now add custom pois but there are still issues with the software, attempts to update maps, you can't add different maps, back up the unit's contents, add custom voices.
Thank you, DHN...

...of the newer line of GO and VIA products, which would you say have worked out most of their initial bugs. I am determined to buy one of the newly-released models, with least problems. Thanks again for your time!
There is no easy answer. Neither the 2X nor the Via models should have been released with the current limitations.

That said, some prepared to live with the limitations for now seem ok with the 2535 series.

Just know what you are getting in for.

All newer models must deal with the web based MyTomTom interface rather than the previous Home 2.

And THAT is a whole other kettle of fish.
...of the newer line of GO and VIA products, which would you say have worked out most of their initial bugs.

They aren't 'bugs' as such... more like missing features (that are still being worked on).

So ALL of the new models are in the same situation really.
Any known challenges using MyTomTom with the GO2535 or VIA 1535?
Issues with 64 bit versions of Windows crop up from time to time. I think the critical OSx problem has been resolved, but it's worth a look around the threads here to be sure of that.
My via 1535 drops its bluetooth connection every time after around 2 minutes... works great up to then? Anyone else have this issue? I have an iphone 3...

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