TomTom support for the Via 1535

Apr 15, 2010
I'm really getting upset with TomTom, I'm having a lane assist issue, I've sent two seperate emails to TomTom about the issue, one response told me the lane assist was working properly, the other said I need to do a soft reset, then try a hard reset, neither corrected the error, they then told me to contact TomTom because it's not working properly.

Sometimes when I'm approaching a four way intersection I get a turn arrow showing me which direction to turn, but I also get two grayed out arrows off to the side, there is absolutly no reason for the other arrows to be there.

I like my TomTom, but the total lack of knowledge and customer support on this device has me thinking I'll just return it and go back to the Garmin 1450LMT I had.


As you've seen, Tomtom phone support is often untrained on many problems and fixes that we see every day.

Your problem is known and fixed on Map 865, all you have to do is wait for Tomtom to offer the update for you. I'd focus calls and questions to Tomtom on when 865 will be available, their phone support was obviously not informed of the map 860 bug.

Of the latest GO/VIA model lineup, only the GO 2535M LIVE comes preinstalled with map 865. The others come preinstalled wtih map 860, but Tomtom should be enabling the update pretty soon.


Aside from this issue and the fact that TomTom can't seem to make a screen that's visable in daylight, I love the unit.

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