update go720 to go730

Jun 29, 2010
Hi there, I am wondering if I can update my 720 with the 730 software making it possible for me to say street names rather than having to type them in as with the 720. I have borrowed a 730, and was hoping it was possible to copy the 730 files across to my 720. One more thing, when I try to type in a postcode, 4 digits as in Australia it wont allow it for some reason as it only accepts 5 digit postcode.
Your 720 is essentially a 730 without having to copy the files from a 730.

Check the following:
1. You have a cspeechxx.dat file in your specific map folder for Australia.
2. You have a text file called support_asr.dat file in your asr folder with nothing but a 1 in it, no carriage returns, no spaces. Also make sure the file does not have a .txt extension so that it gets saved as support_ast.dat.txt. You don't want that.
3. You have a computer voice selected.
4. Current application (8.351) and recent map.

All that said, did you see the 730 using Voice Recognition for Australia?

As far as postal codes work, or don't work..........

They may not work for Aussie postal codes. The function certainly does not for Canadian postal codes where only the ana is offered but not the remaining nan, which renders that function as useless.........
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Full postcode support is only offered for Holland and the UK, other countries only get partial postcode support.
As for the x20/ x30 issue, the main difference is stored within the device, the x20 uses the blue/ grey colour scheme. the x30 has the "Terry's Chocolate Orange" colour scheme but its not possible to get this to display on the x20 models - Mike
Question DHN

I have a 720, the support asr file is there but I do not have the Cspeechxx.dat file. Where does one find that file if it is not on the device?

For a North American map? Was it an updated map (not the original that came with the unit)? And, if so, you don't see 53 cspeechxx.dat files in the North_America map folder?

If indeed you don't, then if it is an updated map, it should be found here:
c:\documents and settings\yourname\my documents\TomTom\Home\Downloads\Complete\Maps\

Look at the contents with WinRar and see if all the files reside there. If so, extract them manually and copy them to the NA map folder on the unit. Use Explorer.

If the above is NOT the scenario, report back.

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