unwanted Tom Tom Home update

Jan 21, 2015
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It is my experience that when an application is working fine an update can often mean a whole new learning session and generally mess up the application for me. TomTom Home wants to do a "Critical update" and will not let me use it as it is, unaltered. How can I get past this problem?

Yours, Harry
The latest Home version is and seems fine. What version do you have? And what model device?
Thanks dhn,

I do not know which TomTom I have as the label came off the bottom long ago. I can not find out what version of Home I have as I can not get into it without doing this update which I do not want to do. The last thing I allowed a "critical update" on was my erstwhile smart phone which was ruined for me by that update to such an extent that I threw it away when I found that I could not put it back as it had been! So I do not want to do any updates unless I feel the need for them and I am perfectly happy with the way my satnav and Home work together now!

Yours Harry
You can find out what you need to know as follows:


Connect up your device.
Ignore Home.
Using your OS, look at the content of your TomTom. In the root of your TomTom, find the file ttgo.bif.
Open with your favorite text editor.
Third line will give the serial number. We just need the 1st two characters.


With your OS, look in your Program Files folder, find the folder TomTom HOME 2.
Right click on TomTomHOME.exe.
Select the Properties tab.
Select the Version tab.
"File version" tells the story there.
I've downloaded and installed several tomtom home critical updates, all went off without a hitch and didn't change any of my settings or anything, I trust tomtom because they haven't given me any reason to not. plus you can't not do a critical update just because another critical update on a device that isn't even related to tomtom didn't go as planned. if I were you i'd just do the update and be done with the problem, lol
The latest Home ( downloaded and installed fine.
But... Home is still offering a really old map — Map 905! Why can't they fix that old bug that's been going on for almost two years?

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