Unable to find source to buy new traffic receiver cable

Jan 25, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
I have a TomTom 930T, with a broken traffic receiver cable.

I believe the round port on my TomTom is broken, not just the cable. The good news is that TomTom now sells a cable that connects through the existing USB port, and can receive traffic data through that!

The bad news is that I've been unable to find that cable for sale anywhere that I can actually get it. I'm in the USA.

TomTom's UK online store seemed promising, at first.

The standalone traffic receiver cable is no longer available. The "Buy Now" link doesn't appear next to it, unlike other cables they sell. However, they now have a 2-in-1 cable that is supposed to be a traffic receiver as well as charger cable (from the cigarette lighter port). How is antenna reception on that? It no longer has the suction mounts, so attaching it to the window, for better reception, will be difficult, not to mention the length of trying to go all the way from the cigarette lighter to the window.

Thought it would be worth buying, even at nearly 50 quid.

However, when I tried to register an account, it rejected my email address I had earlier used to register at the USA site. When I used an alternate email address to register again, TomTom locked the country to "United Kingdom", and this field is non-editable, so even if I could fake it enough to get in, they wouldn't ship to me. Sigh.

The USA site is so stripped down now, nearly worthless, that the online store isn't even available anymore. The dealer list is useless, as most of those dealers only sell new boxed GPS units (if that), and not any replacement cables.

So, what can I do to get my hands on one of those USB traffic receiver cables? Is there anybody selling it? (It's not an easy problem to solve. Most of the sites I found, upon further inspection, are only selling the old style round port cable, or they are selling the traffic cable that only works for the 910 and 920. Of the sites that have the USB cable for the 930, I couldn't find one that wasn't sold out.)

If there's anybody here from the UK, it might be worth arranging a swap. Need anything shipped to you from a USA-only store? :)

Don't get a European TMC receiver as they only work on this side of the "Pond" (Check my location for an idea as to where I mean but its at least 3000 miles away from you) - Mike
Thanks for the warning.

Does this mean that I'm SOL with regards to getting another receiver cable?

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