Unable to find ov2 file on computer

Mar 20, 2016
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A friend planned a route for his gps and I converted the route to the ov2 format and saved it on my computer. When I open routes in tom tom I get all the pre loaded routes from tom tom. I used the search function on tom tom and typed in the exact file name, with the ov2 extension and tom tom did not find the route.

How do I find the route I am looking for and upload that to my tt rider?

We could help to turn that *.ov2 into the *.itn you need (or your friend could do it), but if we're going to help, you'll have to search your whole PC for the file. No idea where he might have put it.
Thanks. I will change it to an ITN and see if that solves the problem.
OK. converted from ov2 to itn. Here is what i am doing. I go into Tom tom Home. I select "Add Traffic, voices... I then select Points of Interest. Then the screen changes and it lists a whole bunch of routes that others from around the world have uploaded. I do not see how I can browse to my hard drive to select the ITN file to upload to my GPS.
Thanks for any help.
Use Explorer (not Internet Explorer) to copy the *.itn file from your computer to a folder on the device called itn
This process doesn't even require Home. Just use your PC to open up your TomTom like it was a disk drive or thumb drive, and copy the *.itn file from your PC into the folder on your TomTom device called 'itn'. Done.
The list you are seeing with your method takes you out to TomTom's server for routes that other people have created, not ones on your PC.

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