TT1 insists on changing itinerary created with Google Maps


Yeah, I used Tyre to create a number of itineraries for driving to Florida and back. Worked ok for the most part, but I agree - TomTom should just follow your instructions instead of calculating routes. After all, you (I) just calculated the routes. :rolleyes: Often I'm just looking for guidance as to how far to the next turn, exit, etc. I don't necessarily want the fastest or the shortest route, I want what I already told it I wanted. It would also be nice if they would make it easier for you to tell it to travel via certain routes, like certain Interstates. Seems like that should be a separate function all by itself. And I agree about the waypoints - if I put them in, I would like some sort of announcement: "Waypoint number 5 in 2 miles". Otherwise, why put them in? Having said all that, however, I'm sure glad I had my ONE on the trip. Saved me from getting lost or going the wrong way a number of times. Used it to navigate to a pizza joint while in Savannah. Must have been at least 25 or 30 turns (shortest route), but it got me there and back to the hotel ok.

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