TT Rider - Status bar - features missing?

Jun 29, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Rider problem - my status bar options on the device itself are listed as: Max Speed, Current Time, Remaining Distance, Leeway and Show Lane Guidance. I have enabled Current Time, Remaining Distance and Show Lane Guidance.

Looking at the manual for my device, I should have options for Arrival Time, Remaining Time and Remaining Distance, but these are not listed on the device.

But, strangely, when I plan a route, the bottom RH pane show the Arrival Time, Remaining Time and Remaining Distance, but as I begin travelling, these do not change and the numbers remain the same, until I'm almost at my destination, then they seem to operate as I would expect and 'count down' as I approach the destination.

Am I missing some features? Is there a setting that I haven't enabled or set up properly? Help!
I don't know the Rider models myself, so any thoughts I'm having are based on general TomTom product experience

Firstly, there is a limit to the number of items you can show on the status bar, and some are optional, while some others are always shown.
That means you cannot tick EVERY option and expect to see them all, there simply isn't space.
To work out what is going on, un-tick all the optional ones and see which items are still showing, then start adding more one-by-one to work out what you can add without losing anything.

For the second problem (where the numbers are not reducing as you get near the destination) I have noticed something very similar if I ever use "Prepare route" rather than "Navigate to...". MAYBE that's your problem?

Prepare route was designed for checking out a route that starts from a different place from where you are NOW, but it's also good for putting in a route when you don't have a good GPS signal and the TomTom doesn't know where it is.

So I use it a lot on my LIVE-equipped TomTom if I am trying to check the traffic on a route while I'm still at home. But I do notice that if I then start driving, the route times don't update properly, it seems to assume I am still at home.

Does that ring any bells? If it does, the easy solution is to make sure you enter the route again when you have a good satellite signal using "Navigate to..."

If not, post again with any more details you can provide and we'll have another think.
Thanks Andy - that's fixed it!

The Rider is the first TomTom satnav I've used. I've had Becker and Garmin units in the past, which start the arrival countdown as soon as the journey is begun.

I hadn't appreciated that there is a difference between the 'plan route' and 'navigate to' instructions. Using the 'navigate to...' function, it now displays remaining time and distance as expected.

Arrival Time is automatically displayed, which presumably is why it isn't an option on the unit itself. There is a slight discrepancy between the functions available on the TomTom and those shown in the user manual - maybe a different software version???

Anyway, I'm now better informed and understand it a bit more. Thanks for your help.

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