Rider 550 route planning

Aug 7, 2020
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Hi I seriously hope someone can put me right before I chuck this thing out the window in frustration !
All I want to do is plan a route from A to B the way I want to go, not the way the 550 decides I should. I have literally spent hours on my PC on Mydrive plotting a route via villages etc and away from major roads. When I download to my 550 it saves the A to B point but plans it’s own - very different route. In other words it plans the route as if you had just entered Start and end points on the tomtom with no stops etc. Hours and hours and hours spent on this ! I have a trip coming up on Tuesday and weds that I need to plan. Help !
There are only two options that come to mind . Find a tool that creates the *.gpx files in 'track point' style, and send that track to your device with MyDrive (web) or
Add enough additional intermediate waypoints to your route so that the device does not try to divert to other roads.

Also, be sure your route planning is NOT set to 'fastest'. That's going to try to push you toward highways as well.

I know a lot of other bike riders have to deal with this. They may have more ideas.
Thanks for that. do you have any recommendations for a gpx tool that is pretty easy ?
I was thinking of one called TYRE. Seems to me it was often used for building 'bread crumb' routes in the necessary format, and that the TomTom would follow them to the letter.

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