Iphone7, Sena 20s, Rider 550 won’t play nice

Jul 7, 2019
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I have paired my iPhone 7, new Sena 20s evo, and my new Tom Tom Rider 550. Once the Rider connects, I lose the ability to listen to stereo music. I’m also not getting voice instructions. I have noticed that if I go to the Bluetooth setting on the phone, the Rider seems to keep connecting and disconnecting. All I want is to be able to use the intercom feature on my headset, listen to the music saved on my phone, and be able to hear directions when we are on a trip. Where do I start?
While it's clear that the Sena can handle music and intercom concurrently, it's not clear to me that it will also handle a 3rd active BT connection at the same time. I think one feature is being dropped out as another connects.
Your Sena can port the music across a stereo 1/8" plug in a direct-wired fashion, but I'm unclear as to how it will handle priorities then for the A2DP instructions and the intercom feature. However, that would leave only the two active connections, which should play together correctly.
Thanks for your response. Apparently the trick is in how the pieces are paired together. I found different directions for pairing the GPS on Sena’s Website that was different than the directions I was getting from Tom Tom and the literature that came with the headset. Works great now! Thanks again for the help!:)
I would be interested in hearing what Sena said vs. what I see in the Sena manual in case another user runs into similar issues!
I would be interested in hearing what Sena said vs. what I see in the Sena manual in case another user runs into similar issues!

I paired the phone 1st then went into settings/Bluetooth and waited for the headsets to appear in the list.

GPS Pairing

1. Turn on the headset and press the Jog Dial for 6 seconds until the red LED is rapidly flashing and you hear multiple beeps.

2. Within 2 seconds, tap the Phone Button and hear the voice prompt, “Second mobile phone pairing”. Again within 2 seconds, tap the Phone Button and the LED turns to green flashing and the beeps turn to multiple mid-toned beeps. You will hear the voice prompt, “GPS pairing”.

3. Search for Bluetooth devices on the GPS navigation screen. Select the 20S EVO in the list of the devices detected on the GPS.

4. Enter 0000 for the PIN.

5. The GPS confirms that pairing has completed and the 20S EVO is ready to use. You will hear a voice prompt from the 20S EVO saying “Your headset is paired”.

6. If the pairing process is not completed within three minutes, the 20S EVO will return to stand-by mode
Super. Hope the sequence proves valuable to other users. Thanks.

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