sena bike comms to andriod smartphone and tomtom rider 400

May 31, 2015
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rider 400
hi all,just had hands free update for my rider 400,but cant connect with sena headset,without phone pairing disconnecting bluetoothing tethering all okay,using a2dp for phone pairing and using hfp for rider. system works fine without tomtom handfree system not activated. anyone got any ideas
Honestly .. .I'm a bit buffaloed about what to put with what due to lack of punctuation and caps. Cute for texting, but not so helpful here since I'm having trouble with sentence breaks.
Let me take a guess at the meaning, and please advise where we may have got it wrong.

You have new Rider 400. BEFORE you updated the unit, it was working correctly with your Sena headset which uses the necessary A2DP bluetooth profile.
After the hands-free update, and with that feature enabled, your phone requires you to keep re-pairing due to lost pairing? Or it stays paired, but keeps connecting/disconnecting by itself? Which connection is acting goofy? A2DP or HFP? Both? A2DP audio works fine if hands-free is disabled?

What phone is involved here? By rights, it should manage two concurrent BT connections of different profiles, but I'm wondering if it's not capable of this. It sounds like your phone may be bouncing back and forth between the two connections.
Thank you for your swift reply,i'll try to do better.....
Recently bought new Rider 400,paired with Sena SMH5 comms unit/Headset and HTC M8 smartphone (for calls,music and tomtom live services).Phone to Sena headset paired via A2DP,Rider voice instructions paired using HFP to headset and Tomtom live paired using Bluetooth Hotspot tethering to recommended by Sena . All working perfectly well and good..........
Received software update to which Hands free calling had been installed to Rider.Now my problem is that if I try to connect Hands free calling,it shows my phone is paired with headset,but will not connect to headset unless I disconnect phone to Headset pairing,but if I try to reconnect Phone to Headset I lose Hands free connection!.

Hope this makes things a little more understandable

OK - think I've got it now. We have THREE different things going on all at once.
A2DP is correct for the audio from the unit itself. The BT tethering for traffic would nominally have been accomplished using the PAN profile from your phone. I didn't see that mentioned. Then, I guess the new handsfree, which may well be via HFP, but we used to do that over A2DP as well. I don't have one of the newer Rider units, so can't say which profile is expected for this new handsfree operation.

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