TomTom Rider v4 (2013) battery is not charging at bike mount

Aug 13, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
Rider v4
Hi from Austria,
While riding the TomTom Rider suddenly shut down (like it does when the ignition is turned off).
Since then the TomTom Rider is not charging or turned on/off by ignition anymore.

I checked the docking station using a multimeter:
Lead plug: ~13V
Outer two pins: ~5V

I also cleaned the pins and male contacts at GPS side.

My warranty ran out in 05/2015.
Is there a way I can fix the device myselfe?
Is there a way TomTom is fixing this after warranty with obligingness.

I was always satisfied by the TomTom Rider, but the short life span of just about over 2 years is a clear downside.
I hope this can be fixed.

Thanks alot!
TomTom doesn't fix it (for free) after the warranty period. They might for a price. Does the device charge when connecting to the computer when using the cable that came with the device? Can you try keeping it connected to the computer for at least 2-3 hours and then try turning it on?

Here's a video on replacing the battery on a Rider 2. I suspect a Rider 4 would be similar.

The device is charging without any problems, when connected via USB.
The device is also running fine, while on battery.
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