Bike Ride Support Vehicle - I need to follow their route (.gpx)....

Apr 30, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
Go 5000
Hi, we have been trying every way we can think of to be able to have our support van (broom wagon) be able to follow our cycling route (B roads in both the UK and France), created using MapMyRide (we have them now as .gpx files.

We can't have the SatNav deciding the route the van follows. It has to be the exact same roads the bikes went through.

We have now purchased a TomTom Go 5000 to do this but are still struggling.

Is this even possible to do? I find it amazing that this isn't a simple thing to do for all Sat Navs, let alone newest models.

Many thanks for your help with this.
Aargh. The newest units don't do well with waypoint itineraries. They're only good for about 4 points total. The older units could manage as many as you could store in groups of 48 waypoints, so you could create just about any route you liked.

None of the TomTom models will follow a *.gpx route, but the *.gpx could be turned into what an older TomTom needs. If you can find someone who owns one of the older models (e.g., GO720/730/740 or 920/930/940 or several of the XL and XXL models), you'd be able to accomplish what you need to do.
...Or a GO 550/750/950 in the UK (also all the really old original Go models)
I peeked, Andy, and the OP is somewhere in NL.

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