Truck 5150

Dec 11, 2017
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TomTom Model(s)
Getting really fed up with this now,

Cant get updates plugged into car mount but no other way to connect to laptop

Now cant get my live services ive recently purchased

Would really appreciate some ideas of how to solve these issues, cant find any help whatsoever
Have confirmed that your updates are to be performed through the dock, and that no other USB ports exist on the 5150.

That brings us to whether or not we might have a cable/dock problem. Are you using the original TT cable for your attempts? Do you have access to another USB cable with a mini-B connector on it?
Hi i am not using the original cable, when i connect to laptop it says not to use with car mount, but it now i know i can only use the mount it must be a problem with the cable
New cable works, im now connected.

Device memory is over half full, with no idea what. Any idea how to make room for updates?
Device memory is over half full, with no idea what. Any idea how to make room for updates?
With your device connected to the PC and MyDrive Connect open, click on My Content and scroll down to see what all is installed.
If only somewhat over half full, you're in great shape. The map set uses a huge chunk of available memory. The 5150 comes with 8GB of memory. What map(s) do you have installed?

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