TomTom 5150 Pro Truck

Jan 25, 2019
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Hello, I have a problem with a digitizer that doesn't work. I bought a new one but the problem has not disappeared. What may be the reasons? Digitizer I checked on the second navigation and it is functional

I have one more question. Is it possible to upload a truck map for TomTom 9150 Pro navigation? This model appeared in Truck version so the issue of components is not a problem
Did you swap out just the touch screen, or the entire touch screen + display unit?
Is the entire face of the touch screen unresponsive, or only some parts? Does the display still work?

You'll only be able to load maps to your 5150 that are keyed to its serial number. You can't swap maps between units.
I tried with new LCD and the digitizer. The display shows the image correctly but the digitizer does not work at all. The same set works on the second navigation without any problems
Bummer. That would indicate that you have either a defect in the flex cable connector or the motherboard. Neither of those would be any fun to repair. I long ago gave up working on surface mount stuff unless I have access to a stereo microscope.

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