Transfer Route from MyDrive to XXL550?

Dec 1, 2010
New York
<img src="/styles/default/custom/flags/us.png" alt="United States" /> United States
TomTom Model(s)
XXL 540 TM, TT Go Android
Choosing the route planner option in TT Home opens the MyDrive mapping software.
When I plan a route and "send" it to my XXL550 nothing happens - no route is transferred.
I logged into MyDrive with the same login as for TT home as directed by TT support.

The help menu in MyDrive does not list the XXL540 as supported, but the route planner takes me to that software.

So... can the MyDrive software send a route to the XXL540?

My understanding is the XXL540 is not compatible with MyDrive in any way but others may show up here to correct me..........;)
Dhn and Canderson - I always very much appreciate your responses!

I am using TT home. But now, within TT Home, when I click on use route finder, it links me to the My Drive mapping at
I do not have the Mydrive software program on my computer. I am using Home, and Home is linking me to the new map software rather then the old version.

Another brilliant move by the kiddies in Amsterdam.

They used to have a Route Planner which could be used by anyone. If you click the old link you now get which is not compatible with your device, as both, dhn and canderson told you.

@dhn, would that be a question for their public forum?
Thank you Arno, for chiming in on this.

Here is the response I got from TT support:

"The route planner would help you sending a route of the latest devices that we offer (GO 50/60, GO 500/600, GO 50S, 60S) however you would be unable to send a route using Route planner on the TomTom XXL 540 device.

We would still be able to use the route planner on your computer to plan a route and also add stop to the route on the computer itself. A feedback as already been sent to our development team to have the route planner open for planning a route on all the device however this is still being looked into and worked upon by them."

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