Touchscreen Not Working Properly / Can't get Beyond Last Route - Go 730

May 2, 2017
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TomTom Model(s)
730 Go
My aging Tom Tom Go 730 looks to have finally given up. It started by the screen buttons not matching what I pressed, but I got around that by pressing slightly above the button, etc. However, it now seems to be frozen on last journey and stuck on that.

Any experts know what to do, or do I have to bin it. My laptop had to be upgraded (Windows 7 now) and so I don't have the Tom Tom download on my laptop now that I had previously. I still have the original box / contents in the loft somewhere - would I have had a disc to load it up. I can manage to connect to pc by pressing elsewhere on the screen, but that just lists the files that are on the Tom Tom, rather than giving me the option to update etc.

To add to it, the battery doesn't hold a charge for very long. I have tried a soft reset, but that doesn't take me any further.

Shame as this was a good unit, when it was working

See here:

Connect the device to the computer for at least two or three hours first to charge the battery. Device can be off. Then check the information in the prior links.

If you get the calibration straightened out, then you can swap batteries on the device. See here:

Also, if things are working prior to the battery swap, make a manual, not Home backup. See here:

Finally, you can get a fresh copy of Home from

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