TomTom XL Touchscreen not responding

May 20, 2013
North Carolina, USA
TomTom Model(s)
I have completely reset my GPS and I'm still having touch screen problems. Nothing has happened to my unit. It has been stored safely. The screen is not responding at all. Is there any way to fix it?
What means did you use to reset your XL?
Does it power up to a normal screen?
I did a soft reset first and also a reset using the reset button. I forced it to connect to the computer so I reinstalled all updates with no problem. I even read on these forums to change your screen orientation. I also did that. However I still cannot get past the screen where I have to Agree to conditions or if I connect to the computer I cannot tap yes. :sad:
From what you describe, there's been some sort of hardware failure, OR, the touchscreen calibration is so totally whacked that it no longer detects your press in the correct spot. When you connect your device to your PC's USB port, it should ask whether or not you want to connect to the computer (although there are a couple of exceptions where it will not, and will simply connect automatically). Are you seeing the Yes/No option when you connect, and do you not have to press the screen then to connect to the PC and get Home to fire up?
Not being rude but I've tried holding that button for five minutes. I've tried a harder press, a softer press, short press, long press. Sooooo frustrating.
New screen (or just the digitizer) from eBay?
I have the same fault as the OP, it's a TT XXL. Sadly this is the second unit I have had that has developed this fault. As per normal the fault comes and goes. Somedays its perfect, other days.....

The first one was (eventually) changed by TT but they don't seem particulary interested in changing this one. Happy to sell new maps though..... :(

Is there any simple fix? And yes I have tried the re-load softwear, hard reset, press the button longer (try 10 mins) in fact the only thing I havent done is muller it with a 2lb hammer! It has also been very close to going out the window at some silly speed!

TT's are nice when they work, but tbh as a electrical engineer if I pay close to £200 pounds for a small box electronics I really do expect it to work longer than 9 months!
If its a hardware fault, the simple fix is a new screen and/or digitizer. from eBay, as I said just above your post
But if it is only 9 months old, it is DEFINITELY still under guarantee and you are entitled to a replacement refurb. unit at the very least.
If you are still in warranty:
Stick to your guns. They owe you a solution.

If you are not still in warranty:
Since yours is at least intermittent, one wonders about the flex cable connection between your touchscreen and the main board. As you're a EE, this sort of component should be relatively familiar to you.
If we could point you to instructions for parting the case and getting to the innards, would you be prepared to gently lift the locking lever for the flex cable, give it a little clean up with some alcohol, and reseat the cable and relatch?
Don't know if this will resolve your issue, but it's mighty rare that we see an intermittent version of this problem. Typically, they're either working or not working.
Reset your GPS Press the on/off button until you hear the drum sound


Settings then Touch Reset to defaults
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