TomTom Start frozen at "Start" screen

Jul 28, 2018
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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and I hope someone can help me.

Like the title says I have an old TomTom START 1GB (1ex00) and everything was fine until recently he decided to get stuck on the "START" screen. I have tried everything from what google provided me as an option except using someone's files or work more deeply then just accessing the Memory Card.

Is there someone with the same device that could provide their memory card files, especially that autorun.inf (Antivirus software likes to block access to that file and this could be the main problem)

IMPORTANT - anything that is person identifiable can be obviously, NOT provided :)

Or if anyone knows any other tricks, I accept any help.
If you can access your device as an external storage device with your PC, go to the folder that contains your Europe map data, and delete ONLY the mapsettings.cfg file, then reboot the device.
That leads to the GPS ask me to plug the PC cable (flashing red cross)
What is the "that"? The deletion of that single mapsettings.cfg file, or ???
Yes, once I deleted that single file :)

I also tried after this, to install the core files of the last available version for my TT, without success. There is a high possibility that the last update through TomTom HOME did something on the side part of that memory that we are unable to access, meaning end of the road.

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