TomTom Start 25 not detected by computer

Nov 5, 2014
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TomTom Model(s)
Start 25
My mums partner recently got the TomTom Start 25 with the free lifetime map updates offer as confirmed on the box. Only trying to connect it to the computer and following the instructions online results in the computer or more the TomTom My drive being unable to detect the TomTom Start 25 sat nav. The sat nav is fine and being used but needs some updates. When connecting to the computer it will switch on and get the message on the sat nav screen about going to But following the instructions no matter what we have tried will result in the TomTom site or software not detecting this particular sat nav. This is despite putting the "BL" part of the serial number into the TomTom website does show the particular model number so it should be on the R
TomTom database to worj right?. Yet nothing detects it when connecting it to try and do the updates.

I have now tried setting the TomTom account up on 2 separate computers and the exact same problems on both. Anyone any ideas as its getting frustrating not being able to connect it to the computer to do any map updates.

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