TOMTOM Rider2 application software

Aug 27, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
GO300 & Rider II
Hey Folks

I've got a pretty convoluted scenario that I'm' hoping for some help on.

I've got two TOMTOM's a Rider2 & a GO300.

When I connect my Rider2 into tomtom home & look at Manage my device, I click on applications & it says:

"TOMTOM Application for Go C;assic\Go300\Go500
THe latest version of the application for your TomTom device...."

To me this says that I've somehow switched the application software of my RIder to the Go300 - which might account for the fact my RIder 2 loves sending me on gravel roads (I hate that).

Since both are no longer supported by TomTom I'm wondering how I get the proper application software on my Rider 2...
You may have confused Home. However, before going any further, please open your Rider as as though it were a hard drive, and look for a file in the root directory called ttgo.bif. If you see that, please identify what it says in the lines that begin with


That is the file that should be being read by Home that identifies the device type and firmware version.

IF we don't like what is found there (let's wait to see what you find above, first), the next steps of the procedure will be as follows:

Back the unit up using this procedure:

Once you are SURE you have been successful with that, delete all of the loose files in the root directory of your unit. DO NOT delete any of the folders.

Connect your device to Home. Home will discover that no application exists and will offer to provide one to you. It will download and be installed on your unit.

Also, Home can - particularly in its older versions - become confused about having multiple units and accounts on the same PC. When you fire up home, what model does it show in the lower right corner for your Rider unit? Is the email address in the upper right corner of Home correct for the Rider device, or is that the email for the account for your 300?

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