TomTom iPhone car kit compatability

Jun 19, 2010
I tried GOOGLEing for this, but either got too many or no results...

Is the TomTom iPhone car kit also compatible with other GPS iPhone apps? (Navigon, Maps, GPS Speed, HUD, etc.)

Thanks a lot!

I am going to lose my company car with built-in Eclipse II (TomTom based) GPS Radio/Nav system soon, and since I already have an iPhone with those apps, getting the car kit seems like the most comfortable (and least clutter) solution, esp. since I am also traveling all over the region by other means of transport (planes, trains and (rented) automobiles)...)

Living in NL, the TomTom iPhone car kit is the easiest one to get my hands on (as opposed to the Garmin one, which seems to only be available in the US)!
Also be aware there are two different types of iPhone car kit, the first type attaches to the windscreen via the usual sucker, secondly there is the "Brodit" style car kit which is secured to a Pro-Clip attached to your dash (I use this latter type as its far more secure and won't fall off)

Thanks for the heads-up!

But in my case the sucker type is the one I'd want... I want to be able to move it to a rental car when I travel abroad... A bean-bag and a sucker make it all very portable! ;)

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