TomTom iPhone Car Kit - Why it wont work...

Jan 18, 2011
Wales, UK
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom for iPhone 4 (v1.6)

Just to let you know, i have had the iPhone 4 for a year nearly and bought the Tomtom iPhone CarKit last August.

Since then, it has never worked - it has the iPhone 4 adaptor kit + i have had item replaced 3 times to see if it would resolve issues.

The Carkit never charges iPhone, bluetooth is not found by iPhone and therefore the item at ?100 is pointless.

I have spoken with TomTom at length about this and they admitted to me via email and chat that its caused by Apple iOS software not being compatible with the CarKit - meaning the unit wont charge etc.

They told me that until Apple bring out new iOS that fixes this issue, they cannot help me. They told me this last year and since then Apple have released multiple new versions of the iPhones iOS software. It has not made any difference and carkit is still not working.

I told TomTom that given they know this is the issue, and how to fix it and that they have no date when it is to be fixed - they should make it clear/known to customers on there website and any where else they sell the Carkit to say "The TomTom iPhone CarKit DOES NOT WORK for some people due to Apple iOS software issues which TomTom cannot resolve - please be aware before you purchase" - or similar. They have not done this since being aware of the issue for some time and still let customers pay them ?100 for an item they know wont work and they cant fix.

I have reported this to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and to Consumer Direct + Trading Standards and miss-selling and false advertising as the key selling points/purpose of the item cannot be used and TomTom know this and dont tell customers.

Please pass this on and be aware.
I would be looking at sending the item back for a full refund, for a start you don't need a GPS equipped cradle with the iPhone4 as the phones own built in GPS receiver works much better than previous versions of iPhone.
You will still require a powered holder to use the iPhone in the car for GPS, have a look at the offerings from Brodit to suit your car and iPhone, a complete install will set you back half the cost of the TomTom product which you simply don't need - Mike

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