Tomtom Carkit: need to dock iPhone TWICE to get a bluetooth pairing

Nov 10, 2011
I have a TomTom Carkit that is permanently plugged into a cigarette lighter socket, but which is only powered when the iginition is on.
First, I enter my car, bluetooth on the iPhone 3GS is already on. Second, I start my car engine, which powers on the Carkit. Third, I dock my iPhone. The iPhone tells me it's charging, but unfortunately there is no beep that tells me the bluetooth connection has been established. Also, the bluetooth symbol on the phone screen stays grey.
It is only when I perform a fourth step that the bluetooth pairing is extablished: I undock my iPhone and then redock it. WIthin seconds it beeps and the bluetooth symbol illuminates.
Big question is of course: why would I need to dock it twice to get a bluetooth connection, and what do I need to do get this connection the first time I dock my iPhone?
I have exacly the same problem. It's annoying to mount my iphone twice. Any solution out there?

Using: iPhone 4, iOS 5.01 (problem since very long time and version 4.x), TomTom Car Kit (first edition)
SO far, the only solution I found (by accident) is that when I first dock my iPhone and THEN start the car, the bluetooth connection is established immediately. However, I always thought that it isn't wise to start the car while the iPhone is plugged in, because of possible peak currents. Anyone?

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