Tomtom home or my drive connect

Sep 14, 2021
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TomTom Model(s)
Go supreme
I have a go supreme about one year old.
Should I use tomtom home or my drive connect
You are welcome.
Make sure you also set up MyDrive Route planner in your browser.
That will allow you to see your Favourites and POI categories.
Now a new problem. My drive tells me to add a device. When I try, nothing happens.
I have reset, removed my drive and , reinstalled and still nothing.
I cannot find the tomtom in the list of devices so I cannot update or remove it because there is no driver.
MDC "Add another device" refers to a 2nd+ device (if available) that USB connects to the PC via MDC.

When I connect, it shows the active one of GO Live 1535 | GO Basic | GO 620 WiFi.
I did not explain correctly
I cannot see my device. I do not see a driver for tomtom in the device manager, so my drive says add a device. I do not want to add another device, I just to see my go supreme, and I cannot.
But it's a little more complicated than that. If looking for it with Device Manager, it's going to show up in Network Adapters.
To clarify even further, MyDrive IS the driver for your device. It is what turns the USB connection into a TCP connection, allowing the device to act as a tiny mini-server.

Here's something I'd like for you to try. Hope I remember it correctly ...

Using your favorite browser and with your TomTom connected and MyDrive running (at least in the background), use this address:
See if the device responds. If not, we need to look at the USB side of the connection.

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