tomtom Home or Mydrive to upload paid Camper

Mar 24, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
start 25
Hi.... can anyone help please. I have a start 25 which uses Mydrive to update. No issues here. Today I paid to to upgrade the Start25 to the Camper Maps paying 99 UKP. After paying I was directed to install TomTom Home as my model cannot upgrade via TomTom My Drive. I installed TomTom Home. Upon running Home it will not connect to the Start 25 . I can login though. If I run TomTom MyDrive the Start 25 connects no problem. Why on earth it is so complicated is beyond me. The Start 25 updates no problem via My Connect. Thankfully I paid with PayPal with my order showing in my account but not being installed.
I have tried on a second computer which doesn´t have MyConnect installed. I downloaded and installed TomTom Home then ran it, logged and connected the start 25 and it still won´t connect.
Any thoughts appreciated.
atb Neil
I am not familiar with the Start 25 and it seems to fall between the cracks when looking for the newest OS

Could you please go to Settings > Me an my device > About my device and tell us what you see in the second line.

thanks for the reply. I have now tried an old windows XP computer. When I went to install tomtom Home a message flagged up that it wasn't compatible with the Start 20 series unlike on the windows 10 computer which just detailed the Start 20, no mention of Series. So a red herring there. The Start 25 connects to MyDrive no problem but I cannot see anywhere my Camper Map purchase. Could you help on this one.
FYI Device BQ1337A91403 (0) (6.7)
App. 12.075.3065980.84 (0) (2300, 13/72018), OS 2663383
Call Customer support tomorrow.
Do not reply to the machine, wait until a person pick up the line.

dhn said:
United Kingdom
02079 490 132
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Welcome to TTF.

I will delete you duplicate thread to follow the replies better.
We can definitively state that your "BQ" serial is indeed a Start 25, and that as it is what we call a "Nav3" generation device, it uses MyDrive Connect, NOT Home to manage it.
I was unaware that the non-camper/caravan units were able to handle the camper/caravan maps, though your BQ unit does have 8GB of memory, which will help in that regard.
Definitely give the folks at UK tech support a call tomorrow at the number Arno has supplied to you.
thankyou for all the advise and assistance. Not sure how it was resolved. I think there is some delay between buying a product then being able to download it. Today I logged in via MyConnect and there was Camper Europe download waiting for me. It certainly wasn't there last night after I purchased it. All's well that ends well I suppose. Many thanks to all. atb Neil PS I had to unload the standard European map to get the camper map into the Start 25
Yes, there would not be room for both maps in internal memory.
Sounds like you're good to go.

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