Tomtom Application v9.401 UPDATE for One/XL/XXL/START/EASE

Jul 18, 2010
Newcastle-on-Tyne UK
TomTom Model(s)
One (30 Series)/125/130 (512 MB) and XXL Classic - 2GB TTS
I have v9.400 installed on my XXL Classic IQ Routes-2GB TTS and today I am being offered v9.401 to download the box is ticked and also greyed out so if I want the map updates
I have to download this version which says it is 33.3MB

I was offered a list of things I could delete to make enough space for the update. I chose to remove all the foreign voices apart from the 3 basic English voices then did the update

It has stored the voices on my computer but I have no idea where.

What other things could I safely delete if I need to make more space at a later date. It did offer to remove all the post codes for Europe, UK and Netherlands but I decided to keep them.

Does anyone know what changes have been made in v9.401
Does anyone know what changes have been made in v9.401
There may or may not be other changes, but I believe that the primary reason that 9.401 was issued so soon after 9.40 is that 9.40 broke the LIVE service for devices with certain SIM cards installed. I believe that 9.401 is intended to correct the SIM problem.

With best wishes,
- Tom -
Its annoying that I have had to change to the 9.401 as my TT does not have a SIM card. I think they could have advised users that the download was only necessary for units with the SIM card, but they gave you no choice, as the box was ticked and grayed out you had to download it to get the map updates.
TT's policy is to try to simplify things for their customer services staff by having everyone on the same software version, hence the greyed out tickbox and the forced update in "Home".

To my mind, the absolute stupidity of that policy has been clearly shown in the last couple of weeks!
I don't like the 'pushed' code, either.

However, I can fully understand why they released 9.401 for units that will not be directly impacted by that code. Less code branches to maintain for whatever changes come next, if any.

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