TOMTOM 1000 Live Connect errors

Feb 22, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
go live 1000
HI all
I have just installed my tomtom sw onto win 7 64bit laptop and it just show connecting all the time, it sees its a go 1000 and the my tomtom on the web site even sees my serial but it just shows connecting all the time. all works fine on old laptop win xp but on new laptop it wont connect any ideas??? i have disabled firewakk and av even though on old laptop these were enabled. I know i can use my old laptop to update but would rather use new one instead of having to start up my old one everytime i want to update.
Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds. Also make sure you're using the proper cable that came with the device and a usb port on the back of the computer.

You can also try running MyTomtom in XP compatible mode.
Yeah, true. Thanks.

But now that you mention it, perhaps the poster should NOT be connecting the device to a USB 3.0 port if the new notebook has one.
have tried drum reset could it be win7 64bit works fine on old xp laptop
just tried it on a win7 32 bit and getting the same
forgot to say when its plugged in the tomtom web page shows my device serial number and says there is an update but just get the spining wheel saying connecting and the app from the taskbar also says there is an update with the spining wheel but never says connected
Using the cable that came with the device?

Try connecting the unit WHEN OFF to the computer and then turn it on. See if MyTT sees it as connected then.
cable that can with device yes and this cable works on xp laptop fine
as soon as cable plugged in it turns on
is there any security settings in win 7 that could be stopping it?
A firewall blocking incoming/outgoing transfer of info, perhaps. Or an anti-virus.

Can you try IE8 or 9?
tried with windows fire wall and anti virus off latest firefox and ie 8 and latest chrome
That has worked for some that have had connection problems. As for firewalls, just be sure that Port 4000 isn't blocked by anything for any reason.
That's good - it indicates that your TomTom is showing up as a sort of network adapter. As for Port 4000, I don't know what firewall software you might be using, or even perhaps Windows' version of a firewall, but unless positively everything is turned off, you'll need to add 4000 as an exception to anything that is left turned on.

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