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Jan 19, 2011
New here and to the TomTom community. I'm having issues switching maps on my unit XL 340-S.

I read everywhere not to switch maps using Home but Explorer instead.

First I fail to understand why the Home application can not be more user friendly. Holly smoke people, can someone put that down as a bug to fix on future versions please ???

Onto the work around. If I'm going to move things between my unit and the computer I need precise instructions on where to find what I have to move / delete / backup / copy and paste.

What is the nomentlature on the map files and where are they in the unit as well as the computer (Explorer) back-up.

Thank you for your help.
Switching maps from different parts of the world

I may have already lost my NA maps from what I read here and what I've done so far. From Home I tried to transfer my NA map from Home to the unit but it got erased instead (!) I'm now working from an automatic Home backup performed as the new Western Europe (WE) map were being installed. This could prove interesting.

The Wester Europe (WE) map can not install to my unit because of the limited space. So I was trying to install sections of it when everything crashed. How do I install partial WE maps using Explorer ?

How do I know if the NA maps that I recovered are corrupted ?

Your unit does not come with maps of both NA and Europe. That is for the 540 WTE edition only.

So, I gotta ask, where did you get the European map from? TomTom? Did you purchase it?
The maps are ligit

Thanks for the quick reply.

I purchased the Europe map from the tomtom map purchase service Website for $70.

I tried to load using The Home application.

Again I think I need the Explorer method. But I fail to find the proper folders...


Thanks for your time
For you to install the European map, you first have to make room for it on the unit. Do so by using Explorer to copy the North_America (or it may be USA_Canada) folder from the unit to the computer.

Once that is done AND confirmed, then delete the NA map folder from the unit.

Next, connect the unit to Home. Add voices/maps, maps and you should see the European map listed as being on the computer. You'll have to select a zone to add to the unit as the entire map will not fit.

If you wish to switch installed zones, then Manage my Unit, device tab, maps, and you'll see a link to 'Change Zone'.

When it comes time to use the NA map again, just copy the appropriate Europe zoned map to the computer and copy back the NA map.
Finally got the Western Europe map to load

OK ! It worked.

Is there a way for me to download the entire map of Europe that I purchased (2.2Gig) onto the computer directly without going through the process of loading the 3 sections one by one to the GPS unit ?

I got the process now and I can do it 3 times but I would rather do it once.

If I leave sections of the map unloaded, how long will they remain available through the Update service ?

Thanks again for everything.
The entire map has been downloaded to your computer. It's just not all zones can be installed at once on your unit.
Hi, how I can put CZECH (in Central europe zone) into WEST zpne map? Western installe on my XL live and got 437 MB free space enough for one country not for entire zone with files. any idea? thanks
Simply put, you can't George.

If you need that country, then you have to move Europe_West to the computer and install Europe_Central (or whatever map it is included on).

So, does this mean you CANNOT plot a route from, say, London to Czechoslovakia? Sadly, correct, you canNOT.
Next, connect the unit to Home. Add voices/maps, maps and you should see the European map listed as being on the computer.

In my case (XL 340-S), I can make that change in the 'Manage my ONE XL' for the initial install.

Now that everything is on the computer I can 'add' maps or sections of maps from the 'MAPS' application.

I hope this helps someone else struggling to download maps that come in sections.

Thanks to the moderators
I also have a question about switching maps. I have the 540 WTE and have done my explorer backups of the unit both before updating the West_and_Central_Europe map and also after. Of course, this map is larger than the original and so I no longer have the USA_Can_Mex map on my device.

Now to switch back to the USA map (until I move to Europe), do I just delete the West_and_Central _Europe folder from my 540 and then add the USA_Canada_and_Mexico folder? All through explorer, of course. That is the ONLY folder/file I will need to swap?? :confused:

I noticed that HOME also has a feature to manage these maps, but am leery to use it as HOME seems unreliable, based on other posts.

Thanks for your help!
Yes - as long as you have all of your maps safely tucked away on your PC, you can simply delete the map folder on your TT and copy the other one in its place -- back and forth.
Hi is there a way 4 two maps coexists? I've got wester europe and missing just Czech rep. Thanks
Czech is in Europe_Central, I think it is and that map will not fit on the unit if Europe_West is there.
U're right, is Centrall_EU. However is only part of it? I thought just copy required map information into Western map..... Thanks

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