switching maps query

Jun 17, 2010
Hi guys. just bought my third tomtom, a 940 GO; mainly because the family are about to go to canada for our holidays. i liked the idea of the 940 having europe, and north america maps already installed.

however i have a query i cant work out.

on first start up the tomtom asked which map to use primarily to which i selected western europe. no problem there. but i am wanting to plan out some itineraries in canada before i go; and can see no way to switch to a canada map to work out travel times from our hotel to various places.

do i actually have to be in north america for the tomtom 940 to use the north america map?? is there no way to view the maps whilst not actually there, in the same way that i can view a spain map or a france map whilst in the UK?

any advice is appreciated. thank you.
You can't use the Navigate function using the Canada map while you are in your home country but you CAN use the Advance Planning A-->B to set a route from starting point on the map to destination. When you do get to North America and switch to the NA map, you can then Navigate to Recent Destination and the destination you used in the Advance Planning will be listed. Make sense?

Also, you can set up itineraries now for the North America map.

Using Google Maps For Itinerary Planning

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