Switching between maps

Apr 9, 2009
Dublin, Ireland
TomTom Model(s)
I have a TomTom One/XL (30-series). It came with Western & Central Europe installed. The maps are three updates out-of-date. Rather than update the entire map (I only use the Ireland map) I've downloaded the latest United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland map which is only about 131 mb. I'm wondering how I can switch my device to only using the new United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland map rather than the outdated one contained in the Western & Central Europe original map? Thank you. :)
Simply remove the Western_Europe map folder and then install the UK&ROI map to the device using the TT Home software - Mike
Thanks, Mike. I just did that now.

I see elsewhere that you can choose between maps by tapping on the MapShare button.

Indeed you can switch between multiple maps installed on the same device but with Western_Europe installed to your device there wouldn't be any spare capacity to add the UK&ROI map, should you ever want to use the device in/ on Mainland Europe just copy the UK map to the PC and re-instate the Western_Europe map to the device.

One advantage you will find with the new UK&ROI map in comparison to the WE map is much faster place name searches as the database is considerably smaller, I would also consider updating your Postcode data on the device as Home stupidly seems to be incapable of this.
Click Here for a direct download for the latest database and simply unzip it then replace the files in the "zip" folder on your device with the files extracted from the download link - Mike
Switching maps US and Western Europe

Hi! I'm new here so forgive me if I ask "silly"things but I'm a novice in technology and I'm not quite sure how to start a new thread.

I have a ONE XL with the US map. I'm planning to go to Europe in about a month so I bought the Western Europe map from the TomTom website. In fact it is downloading right now. It is taking forever, though (is that normal?). It did offer to create a back up and now it is uploading the Western Europe map. My question is that I forgot next week I have a business trip to another state here in the US and I would like to use my USA map again. Will I be able to put the US back and then in about a month put the Western European map back to my TomTom right before my trip? Will I get to keep the Western European copy that I just bought for almost $90? I assumed so, but now I was having second thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Just use the Home application to manage which map is loaded to the device, you can swap the USA/ European maps as often as you want - Mike

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