stuck in Warsaw, downloading problems. please help?

Jul 8, 2008
Hi guys, I'm pretty new to all this, so please bare with me. I am an Australian riding my Ural sidecar combination across Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China and down to Australia. I am in warsaw, Poland and am having major difficulties in downloading my maps of Eastern Europe. I have a Tom Tom Rider 2. I purchased it with map of France. I have since downloaded maps of Western Europe onto a new 2GB SD card, without any problems, when I was in the UK. I purchased a new SD card, 2GB, for the new maps of Eastern Europe. I got the maps ok from TomTom and I have got to the downloading to my device stage. I click the "Install/upgrade" button in bottom right of screen and it starts the download ok. The maps are 135MB and that takes a few minutes, which is fine. Then it does the John Cleese voice I purchased, which downloads fine, another bit I cant remember, sorry....But then, when it goes to download the "install" section, up pops "Error" "Disk Full".
I have done this a number of times and it's always the same. I checked to SD card and it says "size-1919mb...available space 1919mb" so I believe it is empty and should therefore have heaps of space to take the downloads. What am I missing here? I'll admit I'm not the greatest on computers, but I have done it before and no problems. Could anyone advise on what I can do to get it working? Thanks for your time.
Only thing I can think of is you need to Format the card fat32.Are you sure its not trying to install to the internal memory?I have the 920 so I'm not familiar with your device,but I know the 920 can be confusing with regard to where things are going(installed to).

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