Tomtom framework is stuck open

Aug 12, 2019
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took the car to a dealer, and it was returned with the Tomtom device stuck open. One of their drivers had to take it to another dealer to get a key made; when it was returned to us, the tomtom screes was stuck open, sticking out at a 45 degree angle. When we complained, they said "oh, its broken. That will cost $820 to fix." Now, its not broken. We just cant get it to swing back into place. The DVD player works fine, but right now one DVD is stuck inside, since we can't tilt it to remove it. The radio no longer plays - again, I think because it won't slip back into place.

Cal I repair this? There are small screws in the frame mechanism that holds it in place - It tries to close but gets stuck.. I am not thrilled with the car dealer, who I believe broke it. I don't want to just shove it in, because I believe that would really break it.

has anyone ever had this problem?


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