Rider Clock Stuck at 12:00

Mar 30, 2012
SE Iowa
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Start 55M, Rider 4GD00
I got my TomTom Rider 4GD00 new a number of years ago and it's worked just fine until now. It has one problem. The time is pretty much stuck at 12:00. I've repeatedly tried resetting it and it might take for a very short instant, but just goes right back to 12:00. It never looses power or anything, and I've hooked to the computer and updated it a couple times but nothing helps.
Anybody seen this happen before or know what's going on? THANKS.
I am not tech savvy and don't know what a root is. Here is the machine I own. I'll connect it to the computer and update it again.
Here is a picture of the serial numbers.
If I update it again today and it still doesn't fix it, then what do I do?


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TomTom have not yet provided a fix for this problem, they are supposed to be working on it but don't hold your breath. There is a 3rd party fix available on the net. You need the K4 fix (at your own risk of course) but is easily removable if it does not work - works on my One V3. This only fixes the clock, not any sat lock problems you may have that are connected to WNRO.
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Yup, serial number starts with K4, so that's one of the 4GB Riders from back in 2013. Sometimes they call it a "Rider 5'. It does use TomTom Home for updates (later models use something else).

As noted by molerat, they're still working on the update for this one... not sure why it's taking them so long. Be careful about 3rd party sites offering firmware for your device. That said, I've looked at the file for the K4, and it's an interesting approach to resolving the date issue. It's tweaking the post-processing of the NMEA data with a script that runs every time the device is booted. Next best thing to having the firmware itself modified, I guess.
Will Rider owners be notified by email when there (if ever) is a fix. My Rider works well just the clock is stuck at 12:00 and time to arrival is not working. Makes me do some math in my head with Time/Speed/Distance so not really mad enough to trash Tomtom.
No email but ...
Good news ... connect your device again. 9.501 for Rider K4 has been released as of 17 July.

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