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Oct 9, 2021
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Hi everyone
I own a TomTom TOYOTA II and it is stuck (not responding) when i press any button.
Even when i connect it to the computer and asks the permission, still nothing.
What should i do?
I cannot also understand how to hard reset it. When and how i should press 3 times the power button when the following page is displayed. Is any tutorial available?

Many thanks

A soft Reset is holding down the power button until the drum roll (tom toms !) and let go.
To do a Factory (hard) Reset one has to select that from within Settings, which you cannot access at this time.

I presume your SD card connects to TomTom via HOME software.
If yes, open it up then connect the card (Reader ?) If successful, what do you see.

Once he sees this, the person for proper advice about your unit will be canderson but please check the above and have the answer ready for him.
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I don't use any SD card and yes i have installed TomTom Home 2 app. When i connect the GPS via usb it says if i want to connect it with the computer. But still i cannot press any button. The GPS can be connected with the computer only if i press the reset button at that time. I've done all the recommended updates through the app and i also have the ability to explore the files of the GPS through My computer, but still nothing.
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