Saving my choice of Route

Oct 11, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Start 20
When I have chosen the map I wish to use from "Recalculate Destination" how can I save it for the next time I want to use it ? I have a Start 20 model..
Sorry, but you can't save a route, normal or alternative, with any Nav 3 device, such as a Start 20.
I don't know the Start 20 but presume under Drive to there is an option for Recent Destination.
I believe you can have up to 48 destinations in there.
Next time you want to go to the same destination, select the name of that "Recent" destination.
The last destination always goes on top of the list and once 49th is added, the former1st one is deleted.

Also, if that device supports "Favorites" you can save the destination there without loosing it (except for special circumstances).
Yes, but that is ONLY the destination itself, Arno. The TomTom will always calculate the route afresh when a destination is selected.

I believe the OP was hoping to save the entire ROUTE which he preferred.

Reub... All you can do is save one or more "via" points (waypoints) as Favourites or user-POIs, and then use those as "Travel via..." points when you set up the route, in order to force the routing to go the way you desire.
As dhn had already pointed out, a route cannot be saved,
Your Favorites waypoint suggestion will A.) only work with a maximum of 3 waypoints and B.) cannot be saved either.

This is why I had offered the OP a work around which is easy to set up.
I was actually hoping that he would come back and tell us exactly what he was trying to achieve, knowing now that proper itineraries as per Nav2 HOME do not exist in Nav3 MyTomTom devices.
Yes but your workround was just to save destinations.
The OP appears to be saying in post #1 that he had selected an ALTERNATIVE route and wanted to save that. (there's a possible confusion with the word "map" rather than "route" but it seemed clear to me what he was asking for)

Just recalling a destination from a list won't enable the TomTom to recreate the OP's desired route.

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