Saving Routes or Itineraries

Jun 15, 2008
I own a TomTom Go Live 1535. I use a GPS primarily on my motorcycle to find the out of the way twisty roads that take a lot of time in a car, but are delightful on a motorcycle. :)

My issue is this. I can create a route on the GPS, but it seems like there's no way to store it. Say I want to create a route to Point A with a couple intermediate waypoints, I can do that. But if I want to create the return trip before leaving...I've lost the first route.

Is there any way to save or store a route?

Otherwise I love the GPS. It does so many other things better than my Garmin. But this is essential.

Thank you!
Unfortunately, these newer units don't have proper itinerary planning. It's a shortcoming in features vs. the older models.

At best, you can create a custom POI (Point of Interest) set with multiple POIs for each place you want to visit (call 'em Waypoint1, Waypoint2, etc.) and use that for the ride out, then visit them in reverse on the way back.
An old one. If I had to choose, I'd try to find the rough equivalent to the one you have, which would be the GO 740 Live. That would be tough. You could pick up an XXL540, but you'd lose the Live feature.

If you don't mind spending a good bit more, the Rider series still allows for itinerary planning, and is really better designed for motorcycle use. Check this:

No Live version of which I'm aware, however.
The (expensive) Rider units do still have proper itinerary planning.

The very latest "NAV4" TomToms just being launched won't have it 'out of the box', but TT have it promised it for "later" (although they did for NAV3, but it never appeared).

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