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May 2, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
via 135

have a brand new via 135 which is set ( under settings battery saving options) to turn off when power is lost and turn on when power is restored.

This works ok when I stop turn off the ignition it turns off and when I return to the car turn on the ignition it turns the unit on providing it's not to long.

Over night when I return to the car I have to manually turn the unit on so I suppose anything longer than say two hours results in a turn off.

According to Halfords the manual is wrong and the unit should not turn on.

Can anyone assist?


This is an ongoing issue about exactly how precise is the power on/off functionality. Also involves exactly how your cig lighter functions vis-a-vis its power function. Is it always on or do you have to turn the key to the on (accessory) position before power comes to the cig lighter, etc.

Supermod canderson will provide a more detailed explanation when he sees this thread so check back.
To the OP: By any chance does your 135 give the appearance of rebooting when you have to switch it on manually? In other words, do you get the TomTom logo over on the left of a black screen as it starts up, drum sounds, etc? I ask, because IF by some chance your battery is dying overnight, it won't come on in response to the application of external power. If that's not the case, let me know and we can discuss it further. If that IS the case, we REALLY need to discuss it further!

thanks for the quick response.

The cigarette lighter socket is un-powered unless you turn the key to the accessory or on position so I suppose when you turn the key it is on for a second then turned off when you move to the on position 2 (on) .

When It does turn on I get the default image of the car driving fast and not the black screen as you describe.

It's now 8am and I have just been out to cjeck and the unit again did not start up automatically, I also have no issues with the battery going flat over night


OK. Something we've noticed (and I noticed on a rental Mitsubishi once) is that the 'timing sequence' of starting some vehicles seems to confuse the auto-on feature of these units. It has to do with the 'debounce' timing of the code vs. the time the socket is powered.

When you start the car, you first move to the "On" position which in most vehicles, enables the cig lighter output even before the vehicle is started. Then as you start the car, the cig lighter output is shut down during starting, and is enabled again when you release the key.

None of my Nav3 devices (Via 1535 - same as your Via 135, GO 1535, and Via 1605) give me any grief about this in my own vehicles. In the rental Mitsu, I couldn't ever get either of the two I had with me (Via 1535 or GO 1535) to start up with vehicle power.

I didn't spend a lot of time experimenting with it on the rental, but I wonder in retrospect whether, had I allowed the units to really power up in the "On" position before starting the car, this would have change the behavior or not.

The units seem to get 'head faked' by the quick On-Off-On cycle of some vehicles.

Has your 135 always done this? What make/model vehicle do you drive? Does allowing the unit to begin to power up in "On" before you keep turning the key, does that allow the unit to power up properly?

the vehicle is a Citroen xsara picasso and I will try the letting the unit power up before engaging the starter and hget back to you

thanks a lot

Yes, please do let us know. Sorry for the delayed reply -- have been on airplanes all day.

thanks for the assist it was all to do with the ignition sequence, If I leave it on the accessory setting till it starts I can then start the car. If I don't then the unit does not start automatically

thanks one and all


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