720 battery saving

May 23, 2008
I have issues with the screen not turning off between directions. I have it set to where the screen should dim until it gets close to the next turn but it stays on all the time now.

Any ideas on what to try?
Well, going dim is not the same as blacking out completely. Are you sure it is not dimming? Or maybe the instructions are coming too quickly for it to dim.

In any event, try a pin reset. Nothing to lose.
ok I mean it does not black out like it used to. I went on a small trip yesterday for example and one stretch was 28 miles before the next turn and it never blacked out.

What does a pin reset do? Do I lose my settings and POI's?
The reset does not affect anything on the unit.

The dimming is between "instructions", and if the TT is constantly giving instructions like "stay in left lane", etc. - it will stay on.

In addition to the pin reset, you might try downloading the clear-flash tool and running it also.

I have that setting on my 920 with 8.3 app and 810 maps, and it works OK. Which app are you using?
I have 8.3 with 810.

Like I said yesterday I had a 28 mile stretch where it didn't say anything and the screen never blacked out. I'll try a pin reset and see how that works.

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