Saving 2 routes to same destination on Go 2505

Feb 25, 2011
I have a Go 2505 TM. On wife's commute to work there are roads that change from two way to one way during peak hours. The device keeps sending here to this route/road even when choosing alternative route.
After reading this forum I now understand that you can choose "avoid part of route" and select the roads you want to avoid. This is good to know. But is there a way to save the alternative route, to avoid you have to do this every time you know the road is changed to a one way? Is there way to have 2 home routes and two work roads in the device, so you can select the route you want with one click instead of multiple selections and deselecting roads?

Please let me know if this is possible or any other suggestion to solve the above problem.

Thanks in advance
No there aren't. You can now create a severly dumbed down Itinerary but you can't even save that.

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