Removing Favorites from the XXL???

Aug 9, 2017
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Was wondering if it's possible to remove certain locations from Favorites OR Recent Destinations on an XXL? I'm not sure, but it might be the XXL does not say it anywhere on the unit itself, but when I tried to look up a manual on the TomTom site, it did not list the XXL by itself. Also, when I went to pull up the XXL 550 manual, it showed the XL model's manual???
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1. Check your model HERE

2. You can go to Favourites on your device, select one, and you'll see a Delete button on the screen. Repeat that for all favourites you don't want.

3. However, for older models such as yours, it's all or nothing concerning deletion of Recent Destinations. But there is a workaround, I think. Make a custom poi file from the recent destinations you want to keep. Then add the poi file to the device as you would any other custom poi file. Finally, go back to recent destinations and delete all of them.
Well, first off, wanted to say Thank You for your was greatly appreciated!

Secondly, I started checking out my device. I did find out that the way that you suggested to remove Favorites from the device, does not work on this model...But I did figure out how to do it, as far as the Favorites go.

I went into Options, then went to Home and Favorites, then went to Manage Favorites, and once I picked an entry (address), I had 3 options. To go Back, Delete or Rename.

That worked. As far as removing the Recent Destinations, will have to possibly try what you suggested.

Again, Thank You for your response and I hope this helps anyone else with this model, and trying to remove entries.

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